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Hello ladies,

As young girls, we all looked up to our mums as inspirations for style and beauty. 

Until we came into our own style, our mums made it.

If you have a great sense of style and want your daughter to inherit it, the best way is by dressing her up like you. Children often just copy what they're parents are doing.

I always find it cute when I see mothers and daughters dressed in matching outfits especially when they are dressed in African print dresses.

At AceKouture, we not only love to promote the African culture through fashion but family bonding and have released a collection just for mothers and daughters.

These mother-daughter African print matching outfits are sure to turn heads and have you and your daughter as the belles of the ball.

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Remember, you can use the coupon code "SHIPFREE" for free shipping in USA and Canada.

1. Odera Matching Set

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The Odera Matching set is a show stopper. Paired with heels, sandals or sneakers, this African print maxi dress is a perfect look for you and your daughter.

2. Obioma Matching Set 

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The Obioma African print maxi gown and Obioma African print top with matching African print headwraps are to die for. 

Some dresses are perfect for mums but don't fit the little one as well. We have diversified this look so you both look good.



It's always cute to see African mothers and daughters dressed in matching attires. If you're a mother and have been looking for inspirations I hope this helps.

Once again, use the coupon code "SHIPFREE" for free shipping in Canada and USA.

Talk soon.

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